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Discover the freedom of running an embroidery business!

  • Low start-up costs – You can start an embroidery business for less than $15k.
  • Minimal learning curve – Stitch It International provides training and support.
  • Easy-to-sell products – Embroidered garments are always in demand, online and off.
  • Excellent profit margins and ROI – Watch your income soar.
  • Scalability – Easily expand when you’re ready.
  • Explore your creative side – There’s so much to design and combine.
  • Work from home – Our single-head machines are small enough to fit just about anywhere.
  • Low operating costs – Supply and maintenance costs for our machines are almost negligible.

“I love this company! They are very easy to work with. Their customer service is outstanding! I love my SWF embroidery machine. The entire process of delivery and setup was a breeze. I highly recommend this company.”

– Debbie E.

At Stitch It International, we distribute embroidery machines that are easy to operate, quick to learn and reliable –

Even If You Know Nothing About Embroidery.

Since the early 1960s, commercial embroidery has grown into a multibillion dollar industry in the United States alone.

Millions upon millions of businesses now contract small and large embroidery companies to fulfill their apparel personalization needs – Don’t believe it? Think about how many businesses in your area buy polo shirts with stitched-on logos for their employees. Colleges, hospitals, fitness centers, public schools … And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can easily join the lucrative embroidery industry.

How much money can I make with an embroidery machine?

To answer this question, let’s look at some examples. The first example is a
finished cap, and the second is a higher end polo shirt.

Making money with custom caps

The wholesale cost of a cap is around $2.50, and the cost of embroidery supplies is about $0.10 per cap.

Making money with custom polo shirts

Higher end polo shirts cost around $25 wholesale, and the cost for supplies is approximately $0.10 per shirt.

Which Machine Is Right For Me?

Here are just a couple of the machines we offer. Fill out our contact form, and we’ll help you decide which would best match your needs. All machines come a full-color LCD panel and an industry-leading seven-year warranty.

What’s a single-head machine?

The head on an embroidery machine is the section that does the stitching. The more heads a machine has, the more productive it can be. SWF makes machines that range from one to 12 heads! So when one head isn’t enough, you can easily upgrade to keep operations on track.

Explore Your Creative Side

Push your imagination to its limits.
Look around. There are opportunities for embroidery services everywhere.

From quirky sayings to company logos to finely detailed designs, with an SWF embroidery machine you can easily mass produce products that speak to your niche and captivate your audience. Don’t want to limit yourself? No problem! These machines can embroider jackets, hats, bags, polos and so much more.

Where do you envision your designs?

  • In a supermarket on reusable shopping bags
  • On company polo shirts at a Chamber of Commerce event
  • At a hospital on medical uniforms
  • On caps supporting a Little League team
  • On outerwear vests for a company fishing trip
  • At a visitor center on a variety of items for tourists
  • Available for purchase in an online shop
  • At an outdoor specialty store on beanies, jackets, scarves and other winter gear
  • On blankets celebrating school pride
  • On flags waving at sporting events

The list is endless! As you’re out and about, imagine what you could sell!


Easy Financing Available

Payments as low as $289/month – no down
payment required!

Stitch It International powers up partnerships

For more than 25 years, we’ve helped commercial embroiderers and other organizations in the apparel industry grow their businesses with the right tools. Here’s what it’s like to join our family.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Hear from those who have experienced firsthand how Stitch It International powers up their livelihood.

“I have had the BEST experience with Stitch It International! From the salesman to the training and the delivery and installation, it has been truly personable and amazing! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone! I’m so excited to have purchased my machine through them. I know I will be extremely happy!”

– Bria H., SWF T1501 user

“Everything was handled professionally from beginning to end. I felt extremely comfortable dealing with all of the members of the team and would definitely do business with Stitch It again.”

– Amy M., SWF T1501C user

“Stitch It international is very knowledgeable about their product. They gave good information to clearly guide my company to the correct purchase for an embroidery machine. Another positive is the company delivers not only knowledge but their own product as well. The delivery person went above and beyond when delivering and setting up the machine. Thanks, Stitch It, from Leann Embroidery.”

– Leann J. , SWF T1501 user

Never feel outdated or behind with our Trade Up program!

Your single-head machine holds its FULL value for two years!

If sales go really well for your business, you may find you need to upgrade – FAST. Our Trade Up program ensures you get 100% of the value of your single-head machine back for up to two years. Your single-head machine can be upgraded to a 4-head or larger without losing money.* And since you know Stitch It International stands behind our customers, we’ll help get you acclimated to your new machine with training and technical support.

Purchase a single-head machine now and enjoy the confidence of knowing if you need additional productivity fast, you can upgrade without losing money.

Get ahead of the curve by bundling your machine with our Start Up Kit!

Regular maintenance is a breeze on SWF embroidery machines, and our starter bundle makes it even simpler.


To ensure it’s fully functioning, we deliver your embroidery machine to your door. But our superior service doesn’t stop there. The Stitch It International technician will also:

  • Set up the machine.
  • Complete a checklist of routine maintenance.
  • Turn the machine on

Right from the start, we’re your partner!

From delivering your machine in person, to setting it up and turning it on, the
full-spectrum of our services has barely begins when you join us.

“I have had the BEST experience with Stitch It International! From the salesman, to the training and the delivery and installation, it has been truly personable and amazing! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone! I’m so excited to have purchased my machine through them, I know I will be extremely happy!”

Free Embroidery Training Classes

Attend our two-day classroom training for NO COST at the Stitch It International headquarters. Our classes are hands on and laid back. We cover basic machine maintenance, operations and tips for the best embroidery work.†

“All the topics I was concerned with were met exceedingly. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. I’m going home with a new attitude and confidence knowing I have a great support system!”
– Kathy L.

Training Reviews

“The small-group setting provided the perfect environment to give every trainee as much time as was needed to not only understand but to practice each step of the process as well. I showed up knowing nothing about embroidery and am now confident in my ability to run a machine solo.”

“Our favorite part of training was the insights shared by the instructors who had a background in the embroidery business. Not just technical but practical training. Our experience with the customer service and support team has been exceptional. Thank you.”

“A must-take for new buyers.”

We can provide hands-on training at your business location.

Contact us to get a custom cost estimate on a training package for your team.

The Longest Warranty In The Industry

We offer an industry-leading SEVEN-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY with each of our machines. Most other embroidery machine warranties last only three to five years.

We have technicians in-house and across the country to help keep your equipment in premium shape should a problem occur that requires in-person support. Plus, all of our customers enjoy free over-the-phone service FOR THE LIFE of their equipment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let us answer a few here for you.

Want to expand your new business’s apparel services even more?

We now offer the OKI digital printer that makes impressive apparel designs by adhering the ink directly to the fabric. Pair the OKI digital printer with any Hotronix heat press for a full-specturm operation of heat press apparel services!

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*Offer excludes all MA-machines.

The student is responsible for travel and hotel room costs.

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